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Holiday Group Fun Recommendations from Axe Throwing to Volunteering with photo of woman to standing to the side of bullseyes

Holiday Group Fun Recommendations from Axe Throwing to Volunteering

November 28, 2023, by: Top Notch Axe Throwing

It's the time of year for holiday group fun! No matter what holiday(s) you celebrate in your office, we're here with a few recommendations for holiday group fun that's not your typical boring office party.

#1 Axe Throwing is the Perfect Holiday Group Fun

Axe throwing is popular with groups because everyone can participate in the activity. You can throw an axe if you can raise your arms over your head. If that's impossible, you can always enjoy watching and chatting with everyone between their throws. At Top Notch, we've observed that groups with the most variety of people in terms of age, physical size, and experience throwing axes have the most fun. Axe throwing gets everyone moving, but not too much. It gives everyone something to talk about; Did you see that bullseye I hit? And most people don't wield an axe every day, so it takes most people out of their comfort zone just a little, without being overwhelming.

#2 Bowling

Like axe throwing, bowling can be fun for everyone in your group. Although most people have bowled before, it's not a regular outing for most people, so it can be a fun experience, perhaps even nostalgic.

#3 Virtual Office Party

We've recently been hosting more and more virtual office parties. With distributed workforces, HQ folks are getting creative with having fun but simultaneously engaging people from home. We've seen it work best when some people from the office throw axes while a camera is set up. Then, people watch others throw axes and chat back and forth via video between throws. People might be used to Zoom meetings, but it's an atypical day when you set something up outside your regular office for fun.

#4 Volunteering

Food banks become overwhelmed around the holiday season. Nonprofit organizations typically don't have the financial or operational abilities to scale up for 6 - 8 weeks during the holidays. Instead, they rely on committed volunteers to do everything from cooking and serving food to preparing giveaway bags for people to take home and cook. With some planning, you can contact your favorite food bank and coordinate the ultimate holiday volunteering experience.

Top Notch Axe Throwing is MORE Than Axe Throwing

Axe throwing might be in our name at Top Notch, but we're more than axe throwing with ninja stars and throwing cards. Plus, additional extras to make sure you have a good time.

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