Frequently Axed Questions

Axe Throwing Basics

What are your hours?

There are 3 Top Notch locations. Each location has specific hours of operations.

St. Louis – Top Notch Axe Throwing Hours are:

Tue-Thu 2-8:30 pm, Fri 2-11:30 pm, Sat 12-11:30 pm, Sun 12-8:30 pm

Reservations are the only way to guarantee your axe throwing lane.

St. Charles – Top Notch Axe Throwing Hours are:

***Reservations are required Monday – Thursday & Sunday in St. Charles. Book Now

***Tue-Thu 5-8:30 pm, Fri 5-11:30 pm, Sat 12-11:30 pm, Sun 12-8:00 pm

We can open for larger groups during the off hours with advanced notice and paid reservations. Just call us.

Ballwin / West County Top Notch Axe Throwing Hours are:

Tue-Thu 5-8:30 pm, Fri 5-11:30 pm, Sat 12-11:30 pm, Sun 12-8:00 pm

We can open for larger groups during the off hours with advanced notice and paid reservations. Just call us.

Closed-toe shoes are required to throw axes.


What is your address?

Top Notch Axe Throwing has three locations:

1. Top Notch Downtown St. Louis (near the Gateway Arch)
440 N 4th St #170, St. Louis, MO 63102
This location serves the greater St. Louis area including Clayton, Ferguson, Richmond Heights, MO and Collinsville, East Alton, East St. Louis, Edwardsville, Fairview Heights, Glen Carbon, Washington Park, IL.

2. Top Notch St. Charles / Cottleville
5055 Highway N, St. Charles, MO 63304
This location serves Cottleville, Creve Coeur, Dardenne Prairie, O’Fallon, Florissant, St. Charles, St. Peters, Weldon Spring, Wentzville, MO.

3. Top Notch Ballwin / West County
13840 Manchester Rd., Ballwin, MO
This location serves Ballwin, Chesterfield, Clarkson Valley, Ellisville, Manchester, Twin Oaks, Wildwood, Winchester, Valley Park, MO.

Our mailing address is 440 N 4th St #170, St. Louis, MO 63102.


Can I drink alcohol while I throw axes?

We are BYOB. Feel free to bring beer or wine and a cooler. Glass bottles are allowed. Bring your own cups/bottle opener. No hard alcohol. We have soda and water available for $2. Snacks and take-out food are also allowed.


How much does it cost to throw axes?

The cost for axe throwing is $35 for 1.5 hours per person at all 3 Top Notch locations. Your reservation includes a safety briefing. You pay when you book online.


Should I make reservations?

Yes. We highly recommend booking online to reserve your axe throwing experience. Space is limited at each location. We accept walk-ins when we have space available. Reservations are the only way to guarantee your axe throwing experience.

Book Now



How do I throw for free on my birthday?

If it’s your birthday, you can throw axes at Top Notch for free with a group reservation of 7+ people within four days of your birthday. At a minimum, the group must have six paying customers. When six people are booked online, then the 7th person, aka the birthday person, can throw for free. Additionally, the birthday person must show their state-issued ID (or equivalent) with your birthday on it when you arrive at Top Notch. The group must book online ahead of time and note it’s for a birthday party. Other discounts cannot be applied to reservations for birthday parties. Directions for booking an axe throwing party online are located here.


How does indoor axe throwing work?

Axe throwing is similar to dart throwing and a bowling alley. You will be throwing an axe at a target in your reserved lane. So wrap both hands around the axe handle, lift over your head and aim for that bull’s eye!

BONUS: We also have ninja stars and throwing cards at Top Notch. In other words, we’re super awesome and have even more than axes!!!

We share more axe throwing tips and special offers via our e-newsletter. Send us a note and let us know you want to sign up.



Will someone help me throw an axe?

Yes, we have Axe Masters. To start, you will have an axe throwing briefing with an Axe Master. They will teach you a few throwing skills and give you game ideas.

After about 10-15 minutes of safety and skill advice, the Axe Master will step back and play a supporting role in your axe throwing experience.


What should I wear to throw axes?

Closed-toe shoes are required. We also recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing so you can properly throw an axe. You will be lifting the axe over your head.


Can I read your waiver?

Yes, here is our basic waiver. We actively update our waiver, and everyone must sign a waiver, on-site while at Top Notch. If you are a parent sending your child with a supervised group, please print AND sign this waiver and have your child bring it with him/her to Top Notch.


Safety, Reservations & Groups

Is axe throwing safe?

Yes, we have created a safe axe throwing environment with our own hands. We built this place working side-by-side with our family members. You will need to sign a waiver before throwing an axe. You will be briefed on the axe throwing safety protocols when you arrive. You are required to wear closed-toe shoes to throw axes with us.


Are you handicap accessible?

Yes. We are located on the street level at all three locations making it easy to enter all of our facilities.


Can I bring my axe?

No. We have axes for you. We also have ninja stars and throwing cards.


What is the minimum and maximum amount of people for a reservation?

To reserve your own lane, book at least six people. We recommend 6 – 8 people per lane. One lane includes 2 targets. If you have a large group, you will be throwing in multiple lanes.

If your group is smaller than six people, that’s okay too. You may have to share a lane with strangers (or soon-to-be axe throwing buddies). Don’t forget to make a reservation by booking online.

If you want the lane to yourself, you need to make a reservation for six or more people. You don’t need to bring that many people, but you do need to pay for a reservation for at least six people to have the lane to yourself.


How do I make a reservation for a group of people when we all want to pay separately?

The easiest way to make a reservation is under one name online. But, if you all want to pay online separately, please agree on one person’s name and use that name in the notes section when you make the online reservation. We will use this “one name” to make sure your group of 12 or less has one lane reserved.

If your group is over 12 people, follow the same process as above, and you will have two lanes reserved.

If it’s easier and you have a few days, call us (314-885-1242) or send us a message and we’ll set up your group reservation via phone.


What if I or someone in my party doesn’t want to throw axes? Can I just come hang out in your space?

Only people with paid reservations are allowed in the space. Space is limited, and we want to keep everyone safe.


Are there age requirements?

Yes. Due to the nature of axe throwing, kids age 17 and under must have an adult present at the lane. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to throw axes. We highly recommend one adult per 3 children and one adult per small group of teenagers. Please keep in mind; axe throwing requires good coordination and concentration skills to be successful.


Can I take pictures?

Yes, we recommend taking pictures. We also encourage you to share photos on our facebook page.


Can I book an axe throwing party?

Yes, an axe throwing party is a great way to have fun with friends. We recommend 6 – 12 people per lane. Reservations are required for groups.

Call us at 314-885-1242 or send us a message to make a group reservation. Note – your reservation is complete when you receive a confirmation for us. It’s good to give us a few days to prepare for you.


Can I book an axe throwing BIRTHDAY party?

Yes. It is sure to be a super fun birthday party. As a bonus, the birthday person throws for free when you book a group of 6+. Just book the six people online and make sure the birthday person has their ID handy upon arrival – specific birthday booking directions here. Please note it’s a birthday in the note section when booking. The birthday person can throw for free within four days of their birthday.


What if I am late? What if part of my group is late?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes early to your scheduled reservation. We have a terrific space; you can explore and get settled in.
You will have one required safety briefing per group. The Axe Master will wait for all group members to arrive before starting the safety briefing. If you arrive late, you will have less time to throw axes.


Parking & Public Transportation

We have 3 locations - near the Gateway Arch in Downtown St. Louis, St. Charles and Ballwin, MO.

St. Louis Location Detailed Parking & Public Transportation Directions

For our Downtown St. Louis Location: We recommend parking in the Gentry’s Landing Building Parking Area located at 400 N 4th St, St. Louis, MO 63102, and conveniently located across from the Gateway Arch. We recommend arriving 15 – 20 minutes prior to your reservation time.

Parking Garage

We’re located in the Mansion House Parking Garage building (accepts cash, credit, or debit upon exiting). We recommend parking in the Gentry’s Landing Building Parking Area located at 400 N 4th St, St. Louis, MO 63102, and conveniently located across from the Gateway Arch.

Customers can access the garage from N. 4th St. at 3 entrances, but the closest to us is The Gentry’s Landing entrance (400 N. 4th St.). We recommend turning right into the garage BEFORE you pass the Gentry’s Landing building located across from the Gateway Arch.

Street Parking:

Street parking (typically free after 7pm), other garages, and uncovered parking lots all within a couple blocks, are also options.

Metro Link/Public Bus:

If commuting by Metro Link, the Convention Center stop is located on Washington Ave just 2 blocks west of our location.


St. Charles Location Parking & Public Transportation Directions

We’re in a plaza off of Highway 5055 N. You can park anywhere in the plaza.

Our address:
5055 Highway N, St. Charles, MO 63304



Ballwin / West County Location Parking & Public Transportation Directions

We’re in a plaza off of Manchester Rd. You can park anywhere in the plaza.

Our address:

13840 Manchester Rd., Ballwin, MO



Playing & Scoring


We recommend a leisurely and fun game of axe throwing. We follow the guidance of the World Axe Throwing League.

Here is handy information to use when you want to make axe throwing competitive:

  1. Match: A game, a.k.a match, consists of each player throwing 10 times. Note: A typical league night allows every participant 4 matches.
  2. Point Leader Starts: Each player should throw 10 times for one match. After everyone throws one match, the scores should be tallied and the point leader should kick-off set 2. Repeat with the point leader after matches 2 – 4.
  3. Scoring:
    • Bull’s Eye: The bull’s eye is worth 6 points.
    • Additional Rings: All rings around the bull’s eye have labeled point values (1-4 points).
    • Blue Dots: Blue dots are 10 points a.k.a. Kill shots. The kill shots are only available on the 10th throw. Otherwise the blue dots are worth 1 point (the value of the ring they are in).
    • Drop: If the axe drops off the target it is worth zero points.



Top Notch Axe Throwing Match Rules:

  1. Stand behind the red line to throw the axe.
  2. All throws must be made: a) 1 hand holding the axe & over or behind the head or b) 2 hands holding the axe & over or behind the head.
  3. All scoring is based on where the majority of the axe head lands on the target. As long as the axe is touching the higher value ring, the higher amount of points is awarded.
  4. To score, the axe must make one rotation or more.
  5. To be a good sport, the point leader should throw first at the start of a set.


Axe Throwing Terms

Here are handy axe throwing terms from the World Axe Throwing League:

Axe: technically a hatchet used in all standard competition and at Top Notch.

Lane: one target setup.

Perimeter Wall: the wall that separates throwers from spectators.

Fencing: 9 gauge heavy chain link fencing to separate the lanes from one another as well as the outside social area.

Backboard: plywood backing to support and mount target boards.

Match: a player throwing 10 times in a row.

Drop: an axe that does not remain sticking in the target, and falls out before being retrieved, resulting in 0 points.


Throwing Etiquette

  • Always give the person throwing the axe plenty of room. This means at least 4 feet of cleared space around the person at all times.
  • Put the axe in the lane log or on the floor after your set.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing so you can make the full range of motion for axe throwing.
  • Closed toe shoes are required.
  • Like bowling, stay in your lane.
  • Indoor axe throwing is encouraged as a group activity for all ages and skill levels. Please respect the different abilities of everyone.
  • The point leader throws first. The person with the next highest point is second and so on.
  • Consult your Axe Expert if you have questions.
  • Have fun!