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More Than Axe Throwing in Round Rock, TX

June 20, 2023, by: Top Notch Axe Throwing

Axe throwing might be in our name at Top Notch, but we're more than axe throwing with ninja stars and throwing cards. Plus, additional extras to make sure you have a good time. Let's break this down into "stuff you can throw" and BYOB (hint, it's more than beer!). We focus mostly on our Round Rock, TX, location here, and we've included a little about our MO location, too, just in case you land on this post in MO.

Stuff You Can Throw in Round Rock

What is a ninja star?

Ninja stars can also be called Shuriken. Shuriken is the name for a weapon used in Ninjutsu. Wikipedia defines this martial art as, “Ninjutsu, sometimes used interchangeably with the modern term ninpō, is the strategy and tactics of unconventional warfare, guerrilla warfare, and espionage purportedly practiced by the ninja.”

If you’re a fan of Chinese action movies, then you’ve seen people fighting with swords, often followed up with a few shurikens flying through the air. When shuriken are thrown for fun, they are typically called ninja stars.

Shaped like a star with 4 - 8 (or even more) points, the ninja star is fun and easy to throw. The weight of the star can vary. If you really get into throwing ninja stars, you can play around with the number of points and the weight of the star.

Ninja Star FAQ

Can I bring my own ninja stars?

For safety purposes, we have standard ninja stars that we provide and allow everyone to throw while at Top Notch.

How do I throw a ninja star?

You can throw ninja stars vertically or horizontally. If you want to try a vertical throw, we recommend gripping one of the points. You should place your thumb on one side and your pointer finger knuckle on the other side. Once you are comfortable with your grip, you simply step and throw. A horizontal throw is similar to throwing a frisbee. We don’t recommend this way because too many things can go wrong, and we want everyone to stay safe.

What are throwing cards?

Let’s start with a little history. In the early 1800s, magicians started throwing regular playing cards with extreme force and accuracy. This was a skill and magic trick known as “the art of card throwing.” Competitions were held all over the place as special entertainment events. Some magicians still practice this art.

Fast forward to today, X-men fans are inspired by Gambit whizzing, playing cards every which way. Surprise, his superpower allows him to do this. But we have something fun too.

We have throwing cards. Throwing cards are about the same size as regular playing cards. They are based on the magical skill of card throwing but are much easier to throw. Modern-day throwing cards often have the face of the card on one side, but they are almost always blank on the other side. They are made from stainless steel and have razor-sharp edges.

We leave the magic up to the magicians and stick with the stainless steel throwing cards at Top Notch.

Throwing Card FAQ

Can I bring my own throwing cards?

For safety purposes, you have to throw cards that we provide while at Top Notch.

How do I throw cards?

To throw a card, you carefully grip the short side of the card between your thumb and pointer finger knuckle. Then you step and throw in a vertical action. The motion is similar to throwing an axe overhead, but you are only using one arm, and you look like you’re doing “a karate chop.”

BYOB, Additions to Your Round Rock Axe Throwing Experience

We sell alcohol on-site at Top Notch in Round Rock. Additionally, we're fans of BYOB; thus, you can bring beer, wine, and seltzers but no hard alcohol into any Top Notch location as long as you are of legal age and keeping the drinking light. Glass bottles are allowed. Bring your own cups/bottle opener. We have soda and water available on site.

Also, you can bring your own food, order in, or enjoy our snacks on-site in Round Rock. You can bring in a celebration cake or cupcakes if it's someone's birthday or you're celebrating something. You must clean up after your group.

Tip – Leave your throwing lanes nicer and cleaner than you found them, and everyone can keep having a good time; thanks in advance!

We Have Catering!

Our recommended caterer is Smokey Joe's TX BBQ for our Round Rock location. They are at Top Notch multiple times a week for events. Contact us for details. Alternatively, you may bring your own food or use a different caterer. You must clean up.

View our Round Rock, TX catering menu.

View our MO catering menu.

About Top Notch Axe Throwing

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