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What Is The Trick to Better Axe Throwing? words and a person with should length blonde and brown hair wearing light jeans and a striped t-shirt throwing an axe

What Is The Trick to Better Axe Throwing?

October 23, 2023, by: Top Notch Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a relatively easy, dare we say, a straightforward movement. Swing the axe over your head, and with a light forward movement, release the axe so it hits the target where you aim. It sounds easy, and it might be, or you might be one of those people who experience a tough time getting the axe to stay on the target. We're here to help. We've rounded up all of "the tricks" we can think of to share.

#1 Apply Just The Right Amount of Pressure

If you throw too hard at the target, your axe will bounce back at you. If you don't throw hard enough, your axe won't reach the target and will fall to the ground. It's best to lightly grip the axe with both hands, swing it up over your head, and let it gently fly out of your hands in front of you as your arms complete your throwing arc. If you're competing, you'll want to take a few "practice shots" before throwing. Don't hesitate to ask an Axe Master for throwing tips along the way.

#2 Second Best Foot Forward

You want to throw the axe with your dominant hand so your non-dominant foot will be forward when you throw an axe. If you are right-handed, then your left foot will be forward.

#3 Stand in Your Spot to Throw the Axe

There is a red line on the floor in your axe-throwing lane. Like bowling, this line is there for safety reasons and to keep it fair between everyone throwing in your group. Stay behind the red line. With that said, if your axe is overrotating, aka falling to the ground, step back two steps, then take a small step forward. This way, you can find the spot that's best for you to throw.

Frequently Asked Questions for Better Axe Throwing

Is it better to throw an axe with one hand or two?

We recommend throwing with two hands based on the available hatchets and the safety of those around you.

What are the best targets for axe throwing?

We make our targets for all Top Notch locations. In general, axe-throwing targets are made of wood. They are designed so axes can "stick" to the target. There is debate in the axe-throwing community about what wood is the best for a target. Softer woods like cottonwood and poplar are often sought after for targets. Some companies make targets from a combination of woods, with softer woods used for the bullseye area and harder woods, like pine, used for the outer edges and corner targets. We make thousands of targets a month. We try to get the best and most eco-friendly wood available when we make them, so your target will most likely be a combination of wood.

How many times should my axe rotate?

Once, your axe should rotate one complete time before hitting the target. You probably need to throw with a little more power if it doesn't.

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