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Is axe throwing exercise?

What Type of Exercise is Axe Throwing?

March 24, 2023, by: Top Notch Axe Throwing

Due to the "wood chopping" action of throwing axes, it is an anaerobic exercise involving strength, balance, and flexibility. Axe throwing primarily works your upper body, but you also utilize your abs and legs. Axe throwing is easily classified as a fun workout because it's not something most people do every day, and you can do it with friends.

Most people approach axe throwing as a fun casual activity while enjoying sips of beer and talking to friends. But if you want to turn axe throwing into a workout, imagine yourself chopping wood for 30 minutes straight. Chopping wood is tiring, and you must have a strong upper body. When throwing axes, stay focused on the activity and don't get distracted.

Axe Throwing Exercise Benefits

Here's how to get the best body conditioning benefits from axe throwing:

  1. Grab your axe, which is technically a jacket. It weighs about 1.5 lbs.
  2. Stand one step behind the line in your axe throwing lane, focusing on the target/bull's eye ahead.
  3. Find your axe throwing stance. You'll want one foot forward but equal pressure on both feet so you can "throw with your whole body."
  4. Raise the axe over your head with a medium grip using both hands. (It's important not to drop the axe, but you also don't want to hold it too tight. Holding an axe is similar to holding a golf club.)
  5. With a total body forward motion, throw the axe at the bull's eye by raising it over your head and throwing it forward at the target.

Terrific, you've thrown an axe. Hopefully, you've fit the target, and the axe didn't fall on the ground. If it did, no big deal; pick it up and try again with more force this time.

If you did hit the target, take a minute to look at the angle of the blade in the target. You can adjust your throw based on how your axe landed on the target. If it's basically parallel to the target board, you've done a fantastic job. If the top of the axe is the part sticking in the target, you over-rotated and should adjust your throwing distance. The throwing line is for safety purposes, so don't go over it, but maybe take half a step forward. If the bottom of the axe hits the target, take half a step back. Don't adjust too much; you're close to the perfect axe throw.

Get in Axe Throwing Shape

If you want to get into axe throwing shape, here are our recommended exercises:

  1. Lats (Latissimus Dorsi) - To work out our lats, we get into a pushup position and raise one arm at a time straight up near our body, leading with your elbow. We do this about 20 times per each arm. Sometimes we take a break before we get in 20. As an alternative, we do side raises. To do side raises, lay on the ground on your side. Get up on one elbow and straighten your legs. Now raise your hips/body while keeping your feet on the ground.
  2. Shoulders - We love a good push-back pushup. You'll be moving between almost doing a pushup and downward dog (it's a yoga move). To do this, sit down with your hands out in front of you, creating a table with your back. Get into a pushup position, but quickly push yourself back up with your hands as if you're going to stand up. Be sure to really push yourself back upwards with your hands to work your shoulders.
  3. Core - Just plank for as long as you can. Don't forget to breathe while you plank.
  4. Hamstrings - We like hammy isolations. Start by lying on your stomach with arms extended in front, legs fully extended, toes pointing up. Lift one or both legs off the floor. Keep your hips steady. Hold for a few seconds, and then lower your legs back to the floor and repeat. Your back will also benefit from this exercise.
  5. Calves - First, you can just walk around your house like you are walking in women's shoes with heels. After a couple of minutes, you'll start to feel a burning sensation in your legs. You can stop after a couple of minutes. Or, you can do calve raises where you stand in one spot but raise and lower body. This will work additional leg muscles.

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