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Photo of people throwing axes so they can improve their skill

How to Improve at Axe Throwing

October 12, 2020, by: Top Notch Axe Throwing

You've been axe throwing by now, so what's next? It's time to improve your axe throwing skills. By implementing the techniques below, you will throw the perfect shot.

Let's be clear, all we're trying to do here is get the axe to rotate one full cycle, so the blade sticks to the target at a 45-degree angle. We're not talking about fancy flick shots or high-speed options.

Here are our Top Notch tips for improving your axe throwing game:

Start Where it Matters

Axe throwing venues like Top Notch can get very busy. It's an exciting sport, and people cheer and high five. So you're in a loud environment, and it's important to focus on what you're doing.

At Top Notch, we have red lines on the floor. Grab an axe and find your starting point. Walk up to the red line on the floor, take one step back, and that's your starting point. At this point, you're preparing to throw, keep the axe near your side.

Your Grip Matters to Improving at Axe Throwing

Grip the axe with both hands, one hand over the other. You want all of your fingers to wrap around the handle of the axe. This is the same grip most people use on a baseball bat. You want one hand to be near the middle of the handle and one hand toward the end of the handle (but not on the bottom the handle).

But don't hold the axe like your life depends on it. You want a lighter grip that uses the mid-section of the palms of your hands, not the total strength of your forearms and hands. If you think you could use the axe to hammer something hard, your grip is too tight.

Why a light grip? The best axe throwers use a light grip because it helps control the axe. Axe throwing is a forward movement in a straight line. A flick in your wrists means the axe goes in any direction except for straight. If you grip an axe like a hammer, your axe will go up and miss the target or be higher than the bull's eye.

You want a nice light grip of your axe and a gentle throw for the axe to hit and stick to the target.

Safety Matters, Look Around

Axe throwing is fun, exciting, and safe because axe throwers look out for each other.

If someone else is throwing, take a second and let them throw or coordinate throwing at the same time so you're not distracted.

Always look around before you throw. Never throw if someone is between you and the target. Also, never throw if someone in the lane next to you is going to fetch their axe from the target. Make sure there is ample room behind you before raising your axe overhead to throw. Patience and being aware of what other people around you are doing keeps everyone safe.

We're the only axe house with bounce back safety guards (as far as we know). These red hurdles between you and the target keep you safe when your axe doesn't stick to the target and bounces off the target and lands on the floor.

In this video with Vikings star, Alexander Ludwig, you can see how different types of throws result in the axe "sticking" or bouncing off the target.

Eyes on the Target to Improve at Axe Throwing

After a few warm-up throws, it's time to throw and hit the bullseye. Keep your eyes on the target as you gently raise the axe overhead and throw the axe forward. No flicking your wrists; just let it go, and you'll be having a fun competition with your friends or work crew.

See how the professionals do it in the video below and book your next axe throwing adventure.

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